Monday, August 13, 2007

Old against the young....

As I came home from summer school today, I was on the bus next to some girl about 14-ish years old and a guy next to her who was about 25-ish old. They were arguing about who should have the right to move farther back to the bus to let others come in. To me, the girl had presented a good point on why the hell is a 25-ish year old guy arguing with someone who is younger than him and trash-talking her? He was saying, and I quote, " Y'all are lucky that you ain't 18 years old." in some gangster poser manner. I swear he was one of the most dumb-shit retards I've ever know. Scratch that, there are actual mentally disabled people who have proven themselves smarter than that idiot. It amazes me how even the young can prove themselves to be smarter than those who are older. Just to be clear, I had no idea who this girl was but I was just overhearing the conversation next to me. As for the lesson of the day:

#5: If you get into an arguement with someone who is younger than you, make sure you know what you are talking about or you may have put yourself into a lower position than them.

P.S. You know, I'm not sure why I keep writing these blog updates, knowing that only Ed reads them for now, and I do appreciate that (Thanks man). Maybe it's just that I like writing and have a need to express them. I'll see. As for the comics, I'm just getting a bit lazy with them, but I do have some old ones that I've made. I need to re-draw them in pen on paper so they'll be clearer to see.

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