Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Celebrities and their status

You know, you've seen them. You've watched them sing, dance, act, and make complete fools of themselves on national television. Of course, I'm talking about celebrities. There are only a handful of them that really infuriate me and those are the ones that have such a large ego, that it crushes all of those who praise them beneath it. These are the celebrites that will do absolutely anything to stay on the A list. What's so special about this list? Why must this determine the value of celebrites? A terrible error in the film industry which I hope will be obliterated for all time. The fans are alright as long as they don't step over the line. Fanatics are the true problem when it comes to celebrities. They are the ones that treat them like gods and don't believe they can be anything like the celebrities with high status. They have no soul. They are unable to tolerate others and therefore must be avoided. In my opinion, I don't think celebrities that always choose Hollywood are true celebrities since they are just in it for the reputation and money. It is my dream to become an independent filmmaker until Hollywood decides to have some orginatlity for once in awhile. I do look up to people like Kevin Smith, Mel Brooks, and Stanley Kubrick, but I don't worship them. I want to prove to myself and maybe others that I can be amongst the greats, however far away that may be. The one other thing I hate about the media is those cheezy teen pop magazines the pry into celebrities lives and try to reveal a fake shocking news that make celebrities look bad. They tend to forget that they are people too and they make mistakes just as anyone else. It's also interesting to see how easily fanatics are made fun of. Remember that one crying girl from American Idol? (not that I watch the show anyways >_> <_<) Such an easy target to flame and burn on the media, internet, ....this could go on. Today's lesson of the day:

#7. Don't go crazy over celebrites. You'd only make youself lower than they are. Celebrities are people too.

As for a treat, here's a video I once made at summer camp a year ago:

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