Thursday, August 16, 2007

Classmates and you!

You're sitting at your desk and observing the people around you. For awhile, they start to look like a group of different types of animals all caught in a small zoo. They can be annoying and may just drive you crazy, you know that these are your classmates.
Not all classmates are terrible little bastards, some may be friends that can be a real lifesaver when you get into a sticky situation. So choose your allies carefully, as some may betray you or will start to depend on you and interupt what ever you are doing.

Ok, so I've classified the various types of classmates into these catagories:

The Talker: These are the ones that socialize occasionally. They have machine-gunned mouths that speak faster than the speed of sound. It's almost impossible to keep up with them in a conversation.

The Class Clown: These aren't so bad after awhile but some jokes tend to repeat themselves and therefore becomes annoying. Some may provide some good entertainment for a boring, monotous classroom.

The Kiss Ass: They are the ones that suck up to the teacher in order to get good grades. They will usually try to involve the teacher in their projects to make it look like they actually care for the teacher.

The Intelligents: They are pretty good as long as they won't rub anything in your face for any higher grades than yours. They can prove themselves to be valuable allies to assist you with any problems you have in class.

The Smart Ass: A little bit like the intelligents but these people will bitch about every small little detail that need to be corrected. Most people tend to flame these guys..

The Idiot: These people just don't care about anything. They're F-ups. Just don't do anything for them. They're very dependable on those who are smart, but shy and weak.

The Asshole: Some of them act like they're your friends when really you have no idea who they are. Some may even be obsesssed with touching you, like on your hair, and trying to put their arm around you to make it seem like you're buddies with them. No one knows that kind of person? Just me? Oh, ok. >_> <_<

The Shy and Weaks: They usually don't talk very much. Really, they're quite harmless...for now. Don't hesistate for a moment that they might become serial killers.

The Average: These are the kinds of people that are sometimes kings of all kings. They have the utmost respect from sometimes everyone. They do try to do their best and may not always get the highest score, but still are always cool with everyone. It's alright to be friends with one, but don't praise them or you might become their bitch.

And this leads to my conclusion that is The Lesson of the Day:

#8. Be independent. Don't give to that peer pressure and do things that make you crazy just to fit in. Don't just go along with it or you become weak and vulnerable. Stand up for yourself and give that kick into the balls.

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Ed said...

nice groups (they're very accurate), I acutally had one of those kiss asses in my class last year, it was actually kind of funny because the first semester he was a suck up, then the second semester he started bitching at the teacher and he never got in trouble.