Saturday, August 18, 2007

Going to the Fair!

The fair is in town where I live so things are starting to liven up around here. Let me first of all say, that it was pretty gay. I'm not homophobic, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the homosexuals. I'm not just saying it's gay because there were so many gays over there, but there were so many shirtless guys. It's very difficult to avoid them, plus I hate having to bust through a crowd full of them with their sweat touching each other's skin. Guys, this isn't rocket science! Put a damn shirt on so no one will have to see you fugly tattoos. I know it's hot outside, but everyone is on their knees pleading you to put some clothing on. Anyways, back to the fair. There isn't ever much to do there and 98% of the stuff is 10x more expensive than its original price on the local market. What's worse is that people buy up that crap. The rest of the booths has something to do with signing up for some business or selling some lame crap. The music is alright...for awhile, but then they soon start putting up that hippy crap music. That's just me personally. The rides..crap. Need I say more? The people....douche bags. Can't even go a couple of steps without stepping into a path of a careless smoker or a pack of stoners sniffing up cocaine. I suppose that if you weren't living in my area, that the fair might actually appeal to you. Maybe it's just me, knowing I'll have to try to get some sleep at night while the music is always going to be booming into my ear. There's an easier way to get through this fair and have some decent fun. Just going at night where there is fewer people, and less people smoking around. This brings me to my next: Lesson of the Day:

#10. When in a fair, be on the lookout for some free stuff. I'd hate to sound like a freeloader, but there are some cool stuff you can actually get in fairs. Do anything whether you might think is fun. That's all I really can say. Some like fairs, some don't. Go if you want, or don't go at all. If you're at a fair and feel grumpy about it, make the best of it or you might regret it later.

Now that I've posted my opinion, I'm going to go and try to win myself a turtle. A fish, maybe but it'll most likely commit suicide on me....umm..(not that I haven't been taking good care of it) riiiiggghhhtttt.... >_> <_< K.BAI.

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