Friday, August 17, 2007

Saving up!

You're alway going to want those precious things you've been watching on tv and through the shop windows. Then there comes the time when you think where it is just too expensive and settle for less. Pause for a minute. Think about what you are doing. Ask yourself these questions: Do I need this right away? Is there an easier way to obtain this? If you sought these questions through and still come up with the answer to just purchase a less item of value than the one you really want, then you may have made a grave mistake. There were times when I would buy things such as games that were for a lesser price than what I really wanted. Then they failed. They just turned to crap. The results: I lost a good amount of money I could've saved for those great games. Once you get the best of the best, you have that great feeling that you have such an awesome thing and that was really nothing else you could do to get anything better. You never have those feelings of regret of what would have happened if you didn't wait and got something crappier. Lesson of the Day:

#9. Buy the best of the best when necessary. If the best just has some few additions, then there is no big reason to get it. Once you get the best, you'll never have to worry about trying to get more than what you have.

And now, a new comic!:
The damn scanner won't work with me so now I have to look for the manual. Sorry for quality for now, but things will get better. I promise. :D

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