Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sports and more! Part 1

So I just had my fencing class today (beginner's class) and I must say that I am getting very into it. It's a tricky sport and takes much coordination. Of course, with every sport comes some douche who thinks he/she's better than everyone, even when they've only started the beginner's class. I don't have one in my fencing class though but they're very quite common in most sports teams. Then there is the kid with the steroids who the coach unusually has feelings for. It's best to avoid these kind of people as they will someday be arrested for illegal use of the drug and will be brutally raped in prison. The lesson of the day:

4. Whenever you're in a sport team, be a sport and play by the rules. Don't be an asshole. The biggest loss you can have in a game is when your teammates betray you for having the wrong attitude.

A new irrelevant comic to the topic for the day, made for my friend, Ed. Just because I hate bitchy principals:

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