Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Teachers and the shapes and sizes they come in

They come in many shapes and sizes, differing through strictness to carefree. We may hate them, we may love them, but let's face it, we can't live without teachers. Some do provide help that educate you to a better future. Some are just plain bitchy and you wonder why they are even in the school at all. Some are real crackpots. I mean, REAL crackpots. They make students look better in the classroom. You really have no choice at this point but to put up with it. I've come to a conclusion that teachers exist in various groups, very much like animals in a zoo. I've narrowed them down to these catagories:

1. The Very NIce Teacher: They're pretty cool for awhile. Then they become too nice....you start to suspect what's up, but don't see any real problems. The only thing you should be concerned about here is not becoming friends with the teacher because that is where things get real out of hand.

2. The Life Stories Teacher: These ones will constantly moan about their lives and just bitch out their problems for most of the class period. In the end, you'll barely learn anything and will be stuck in a ditch when it comes to the tests.

3.The Dulls: They'll just lecture you on the lesson and you'll be bored to death. Sometimes I mean that literally. You might even die of starvation for fun so keep that PSP under your desk at most times. At least, you'll be able to learn something from these kind of teacher...only you'll have brains cells drip away.

4.The Bitch Teacher: These are the kinds that will give you the hardest time. You start to wonder what they have against you. Most times, it will absolutely nothing and you hate them just for that. They'll yell at you very often, and until they do that, just space out until you see their lips stop moving.

5.The Careless Teacher: I actually had one of these last school year. He didn't care much about the class and the class had practically dominated him. They motivated him into just showing movies to the class over half the time. It was painful to see these punks do it to him when he was just doing his job. You won't have to worry much about these teachers but at least try to get them to actually teach something.

6.The Crackpot Teacher: They'll come up with some of the weirdest rules. You don't mind that much, but you'll go along with it. You may even wonder how they got accepted for the teaching position. In the end, it doesn't really matter as long as you get a good grade in the class.

7. The Douche/Asshole Teacher: They are usually racist, sexist, either way you put it, it makes them an A-wipe. I know it sounds a lot like the bitch teachers, but these kinds have stepped over the line way too often that they create their own classification of teachers.

8.The Awesome Teacher: They are the best. Need I say more? They are the ones that will inspire you to do great things and achieve a better future. Alright, now I'm sounding like a freakin' spokesperson, but you get my point. You'll most of the time get the best grades in their class and learn a lot from them. Hey, you might get them a present if you want.

Well that's just about the whole classification of teachers of that I can think of as of now. I might update this post sometime when I find a whole other variety of them. Anyways, each teacher has their own way of teaching and its important to study them. Lesson of the Day:

11. Know your teachers. There's always a way to get by each and every one of them. Study them very carefully and you just might get by in their class.

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Ed said...

That's a pretty good clasification of them teacher folk (sorry just had to do that), I actually had an 2 awesome teachers, nice teacher, bitch teacher, careless teacher (but she made the class do school work while she did random shit), and I think I might've found a new species of teacher, the super hyper weirdo.