Friday, August 24, 2007

Borrowing Money

You know those kind of people that always ask you to lend them some money to borrow? Pause, and think what is really happening. If this is a friend or someone you know, its ok for awhile. As long as you know where to reach them, you can nag on them to get your money back. If it is a random person you don't know, by 'borrow' they mean: "Can I have some money...for free?" Obviously, you're not going to give it to them. Saying no or telling them to F-off does seem like the best way to get rid of them. But I assure you, it is not always this way. Soon, they'll come to bother you and follow you around, nagging you to give them some money or they'll never leave you at peace. You can run, but you'll never know when you might just bump into them once again and then you'll find yourself in a pickle. I'll get to the solution to this later, but now for what to do when you borrow money. Make sure you keep track of who you borrowed money from or you might lose some respect. Be ready to have the same amount of money that you borrowed to give back when the person asks you to. Never accept checks. You'll never know if it'll bounce. Now for the Lesson of the Day:

12. If some random person asks you to borrow some money, just say "I don't have any." and don't have it out or you'll make youself look foolish. Also if you or someone borrows money and doesn't have it when they/you don't have it when you/they ask for it back, try to come with some agreement and find another way to pay back to match the value of the money owed. Ex. A person may owe $4 and may pay back with snack, game, etc.