Thursday, August 9, 2007

Silly Youtubers!

Most of us on the web, of course, know about the infamous video sharing site known as Youtube. And with video sharing comes just terrible videos made by some people into some weird shit. Among these are some popular ones who usually update their videos weekly or daily. Of course, I'm taking about people like lonelygirl15, Lisa Nova (not that bad actually), and Daxflame. They are piss poor actors who have somehow made their way into fame by some dumb-struck viewers who actually praise them as if they're some freakin' god. I flame them because they're not themselves and turn into someone they're not. Unless that's what they really feel and say, then that makes them retarded and full of shit. I do tend to ignore these people and would rather view something worthwhile seeing with some, I don't know, people with real experience! Have most youtubers just gone completely insane?! Are they on some crack while taking dips of LSD? I don't understand it. Here are 2 new lessons for the day:

2. If you plan to create a video of yourself on youtube, say what you really mean and grow up. Youtube was meant for older people, not pre-teens, not kids under 12. No, it was for teens and up.

3. Never read any of the comments to a video that isn't yours. Most likely it will end in some stupid argument over a small matter. If you can't resist and must absolutely be involved, do not stoop to their level. As I recall a great saying, arguing over the internet is like being in the special olmpics, it doesn't matter if you win, you're still retarded.

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