Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Emos! Damn them!

Personally, I truly abhor them. Some people act like they're some whole damn race of people and think they're so damn great. Give me a break. All they do is just bitch about how the world isn't good enough for them. They don't have anything better to do with their lives than cut words of hatred into their skin already knowing it's not going to make anything any better for them. I honestly have no idea what some people see in them that make them seem so attractive. Is it that they take on the rebel side? Hell no. They're simply posers wearing black mascara and grow very long hair that they can't even see what's in front of them. Lesson of the Day:

1. Don't be an emo. Avoid them at all costs.

Remember:No REAL person likes an emo.

A new comic! Sorry for crappy quality. I try to fix my scanner soon.

1 comment:

edpeterson said...

Ya Bob we all hate Emos they are just people but they are messed up so damn them damn them damn them